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PCSalt takes every effort to provide you with tips and tutorials related to Android Application Development. We believe in providing you with high quality and complete resources, rather than heaping your hard drives with useless tutorials.

Its a vision of us to provide you with the solution you are looking for. If you have any problem you can request the solution or if you have any suggestion then we would welcome it with open hands.

Application by PCSalt.com on PlayStore

  • Places :
    An application to list near by places like ATM, Bank, Bar, Cafe, Doctor, Fire Station, Gas Station, Hospital, Movie Theater, Health, Pharmacy, Police, etc.
  • Android FTP Server :
    Transform your android phone into an FTP server.
  • Latitude :
    Share your current location or a location to meet with Google Maps URL.
  • Black Wallpaper :
    A lite application which sets Black color as background and conserves battery, reduce eye strain.
  • Tic Tac Toe :
    A classic two X-O player game.
  • C Programs :
    Android application containing a list of C Programs.
  • Notes :
    An application to take a quick note and review later.
  • ShareOn :
    A light weight application to share thoughts on Facebook and Twitter. It can be used to share images on Facebook.
  • Random Guess :
    This game is about guessing a number which is picked by system randomly. For this, you have 5 chances. It means you have 5 chances to guess the randomly picked number.

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Source code available on GitHub

  • Wiruj Suwanpramote

    Hi, thank you for your article, I can made it work. But I wonder why my result is converse to you. It will output TRUE if nothing detected and provide FALSE when something has been detected.

    • Hi @wirujsuwanpramote:disqus
      I am going to suggest you the ancient method of development. Please recheck all the code, sometime small changes goes unnoticed. Or, you can push your script on GitHub or somewhere, so that I can take a look.

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  • muzzol

    how do you regulate the activation distance?