Android Basics

  1. What is Android?
  2. Android Studio for Android App Development
  3. Create Android Application Project in Android Studio
  4. Create Android Application Project in Android Studio Continued
  5. Directory Structure of Android Project
  6. Create Android Virtual Device (AVD)
  7. Use Android Device as Emulator
  8. Create Activity
  9. Math App – Android Application
  10. What is apk?


  1. AlertDialog to display information
  2. Show message and get user confirmation using AlertDialog
  3. Create AlertDialog with Custom Layout using XML Layout
  4. Create AlertDialog with custom layout programmatically
  5. Create AlertDialog with complex custom layout programmatically
  6. Override Button of AlertDialog

Handling list type UI – ListView and RecyclerView

  1. Create List Using ListView
  2. ListView using BaseAdapter
  3. Header ListView using BaseAdapter
  4. Display list using RecyclerView

Database in Android – SQLite

  1. Android SQLite Database – Part 1/2
  2. Android SQLite Database – Part 2/2

XML Database in Android – SharedPreferences

  1. SharedPreferences Overview
  2. Storing data in SharedPreferences – Android

API calling and parsing – XML & JSON

  1. XML Parsing using SAXParser
  2. JSON Parsing

Utility components

  1. Change text of Google Plus SignInButton
  2. Copy to Clipboard Programmatically
  3. Solution: Access to the dex task is now impossible, starting with 1.4.0
  4. Product Flavors in Android
  5. Set margins in dp programmatically
  6. EditText with Single Line, Line Wrapping and Done action
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