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  • akhil

    Hi Its awesome to see the concept of botht type of parsing.Thanks a lot.Could u plese like to post over webservicesa call in android by get and post method..I am unable to understadn it from various blogs

  • Mario

    Will there ever be an iphone version??

    • Currently, we don’t have any iPhone developers. If we find anyone interested then surely all the appliations will have an iPhone version.

  • Aldred

    Hi, is it possible to show SAX parser of XML using async method while displaying in google glass cardbuilder form? I cannot seem to figure that problem out. Thanks

    • Hi Aldred,
      I did not get the question. Could you please elaborate..

  • krishna dhas

    Hi.. i develop one app. that app i used baseadapter. it’s wprking eclipse. then i create new project android studio but the android studio project using base adapter getView function not called or run . public View getView(final int position, View convertView, ViewGroup parent) {

    // TODO Auto-generated method stub



    if (convertView == null) {

    convertView = inflater.inflate(

    R.layout.chat_listview_layout_screen , parent, false);


    setAttributes(position, convertView);

    convertView.setOnClickListener(new OnClickListener() {


    public void onClick(View v) {

    // TODO Auto-generated method stub




    return convertView;


    • Hi Krishna,

      Could you please post more of the code (here or GitHub or Gist)? I do not see any problem in this code block, other than final int position. In guidelines, they have said not to make parameters of getView() as final. If you could post the source code of the CustomBaseAdapter you are using, then I could suggest the problem with it.

      Thank you.

      • krishna dhas

        Really Thanks. It’s too useful for my work………….

        • I am glad, it worked out for you. Happy to help.

          • krishna dhas

            Hi, You have any idea about exact location tracking? now me using one method but that method sometimes get Tower location latitude and longitude other time it works perfectly (GPS Connect time)

          • Hi, if I am right, then you would like to get device location in Android. Sometimes you get tower location but sometimes it provides correct location. And, GPS takes time to connect.

            I would suggest you to try FusedLocationProviderApi. It will provide you the device location (only if location tracking is enabled for the device) with the accuracy level you have set. You can find more here

          • krishna dhas

            thanks. i have one doubt. if Gps not connected(that means gps on but tower not get properly) that scenario. how to show latitude and longitude?

          • You can display previously cached/stored Latitude and Longitude. And, display a dialog to ask user to turn on the GPS.